Podcast: Journey into the Future of Medicine with Bill Maggio

Listen as we take a deep dive into upcoming trends in health care and medicine—how these are evolving and what’s on the horizon in the next quarter-century. The podcast is based on the Jacobs Institute’s report titled ‘The Future of Medicine’, which was released in 2017. Each episode features illuminating discussions between Bill Maggio–who serves as the Jacobs Institute CEO–and leading physicians, researchers, health care and medical device industry executives, entrepreneurs, and more. The timely topics covered in the podcast stem from the report, such as a global pandemic, regeneration, innovation in medical devices, evolution of health care education, and more.

The podcast serves to help listeners make more informed healthcare decisions and educate them about societal shifts that must take place to make way for the future.The Jacobs Institute, or JI, is a non-profit medical device innovation center in Buffalo, NY, focused on accelerating the development of technologies to treat heart attack, stroke & other vascular diseases.

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