From a whiteboard idea, down a path fueled by passion, the JI is...

Leading the way in vascular

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Vascular innovation starts at the Jacobs Institute with our one-of-a-kind idea to Reality (i2R) Center.

The JI Building Layout

A Medical Innovation Space Fostering Collaboration

Strategically located at the heart of both a world-class university research institute and a state-of-the-art hospital, the JI is uniquely positioned to foster collaboration between physicians, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs

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The JI's Partnerships

Together We're Advancing The Industry & Improving Patient Outcomes

The JI is proud of its strong ties with its medical industry partners. Through these collaborations, we are able to provide excellence in medical device innovation, training, and educational programs.

An unmatched environment for ideas, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals accelerating advances in vascular medicine.

The people of the JI

Physicians, engineers, and clinical experts dedicated to furthering the vascular and medical device industry.

Meet The Team
The JI has a brilliant vision to unite various experts in an innovative ecosystem under one roof and raise the what-if and why-not questions. This is bound to lead to extraordinary innovations that will address some of the most significant unmet challenges in medicine.
Fred Khosravi, Silicon Valley device entrepreneur
The Jacobs Institute is located in the heart of a community that needs us most

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