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We strive to positively impact our community by providing youth education and leadership programs to local students. By engaging students with hands-on learning about disease prevention and exposure to career opportunities in STEM, we hope to fuel the ambitions of our future workforce and build a healthier WNY community.

Western New Yorkers suffer from higher rates of stroke and heart attack than the rest of the state. We equip youth with the tools to reduce their risk of developing heart disease and help their loved ones in case of emergency.

We place an emphasis on increasing the diversity of the STEM and healthcare industry, by creating unique opportunities for students coming from economically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented backgrounds to explore the growing medical and technology centers in Buffalo. All of our programs are offered at no cost, and we also partner with local organizations to provide resources and promote learning for an even larger audience.

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Vice President, Programs


She leads all JI education programming including both physician- and industry-facing training and clinical immersion programs with particular focus on customer retention and the development of new business opportunities as well as educational leadership programs for middle school, high school, and college students aimed at sparking their interest in...

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The JI has a brilliant vision to unite various experts in an innovative ecosystem under one roof and raise the what-if and why-not questions. This is bound to lead to extraordinary innovations that will address some of the most significant unmet challenges in medicine.
Fred Khosravi, Silicon Valley device entrepreneur
The JI's Partnerships

Together We're Advancing New Medical Device Technology & Improving Patient Outcomes

The JI is proud of its strong ties with its medical industry partners. Through these collaborations, we are able to provide excellence in medical device innovation, training, and educational programs.

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The people of the JI

Physicians, engineers, and clinical experts dedicated to furthering the vascular and medical device industry.

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