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Explore View: allows you to move and navigate throughout the JI office.

Floorplan View: provides a birds-eye view and allows you to see the entire floor layout with all viewable content about the JI. You can zoom in/out and double-click a desired area to teleport into the walk-through mode of that space.

Dollhouse View: operates as a hybrid between Explore and Floorplan views.

Measurement View: allows you to take distance measurements of any area to gain a sense of size and scale for the JI offices.

Full Screen View: allows you to increase the size of the 3D Tour to the size of your monitor screen.


Desktop/Computer Tips

Desktop/Computer Tips

Mouse Controls:

Use your mouse to move around by clicking the desired location.

To rotate your view, hold the left click button and move the mouse left or right to turn accordingly.

To zoom in and out, use the scroll bar on the mouse.

To view content, simply click on the dots throughout the virtual tour.

Keyboard Controls:

Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move around or simply click on the dot you want to go to.

To rotate, use the right and left arrows to turn accordingly.

To zoom in and out, use the + and – keys to get a closer look or widen your perspective.

In ‘floorplan’ view, double-click a desired space to enter the room. Use the up arrow to zoom in and the down arrow to zoom out.

Mobile/Phone Tips

Mobile/Phone Tips

To move around the JI in ‘explore’ mode, simply tap where you want to go and it will take you there.

To rotate up, down, right, or left, swipe accordingly.

In ‘floorpan’ view, tap where you want to look to enter the room.

To zoom in or out for both the "floorplan" and ‘explore’ modes, making a pinching motion inward or outward with your fingers.

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