The Future of Medicine



The Jacobs Institute published a book ‘The Future of Medicine’. The book provides a glimpse into the next quarter-century of medicine and healthcare, featuring rapid technological, scientific, and computing advancements that are certain to impact the ever-changing industry.

Mr. Jeremy Jacobs said, “We thought this would be a good subject, and it turned out to be a great one. We feel the results are tremendously meaningful to our investment in medicine in Western New York. The Future of Medicine offers a futuristic point-of-view that we believe should be incorporated into the medical community’s short and long-range planning.”

The report was created by a group of futurists, with decades of experience assessing the current state and future possibilities of our society. The report identifies trends in the healthcare industry, technology, data mining, as well as socio-demographic factors, such as online education and the explosion of the middle class in other countries. The predictions were made through months of interviews, conferences, and research.

The JI’s former chief executive officer, Bill Maggio, was enthusiastic about the book, “As a driver of innovation, the JI was a natural source to initiate a conversation about how medicine and healthcare will be advanced in the future, and the tremendous potential to leverage current technology and human assets to impact medical innovation. If we embrace an open-minded approach to the business of healthcare delivery, the possibilities are endless. The Future of Medicine does exactly this.”


To read ‘The Future of Medicine’ report, click here.

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