R&D Engineer




Yousef is an R&D Engineer. Yousef graduated with honors in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Guelph where he also served as a biomechanical research assistant. He worked on carpal tunnel syndrome research, assisting in motion capture data acquisition, 3D modelling and, data analysis. Yousef also worked as a Health & Safety Engineering Student at MARS Inc. subsidiary, Royal Canin as part of his co-op stream at the university. He gained experience in a lean manufacturing environment where he completed improvement projects in the environmental, quality and production departments. Yousef gained additional experience as a Product Specialist where he integrated state of the art technology into the latest product version of Smart Cover, an AI patient monitoring platform. His most passionate projects have been a bodybuilding posture detector and Cross Care, an AI pedestrian detection system.

Yousef moved from Toronto to join the JI and discover everything Buffalo has to offer!