Senior R&D Technician




Steve is a Senior R&D Technician involved in designing and building innovative prototype devices for cutting edge endovascular procedures. He has over 15 years of experience in electro-mechanical design, assembly, diagnostics, and repair in a range of industries from printing and food processing to solar energy. Prior to joining the JI, he worked as a technician for Panasonic on cell production for solar panels. He also attended Erie Community College, completing courses in nursing, anatomy, and physiology. His expertise in electronics, mechanics, and technology systems–combined with his education–allow him to bring a unique and adaptable skill set to the JI.

Steve spends time outdoors bicycling, kayaking, camping, and hiking.  He is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys commuting to work on his electric monocycle. He is a proud dad and grandpa. Steve loves exploring Buffalo with his wife, children, and granddaughters, learning more about the city he loves and calls home.