Training Manager




Kelly is our Training Manager and ensures smooth execution of JI training and clinical programs for industry and physicians. Kelly joins the JI after more than eleven years at UNYTS. As a Quality Coordinator there, she had significant laboratory experience in quality management, training personnel, establishing protocols and standard operating procedures, and updating standards to ensure health and safety compliance with federal and state regulatory agencies. Additionally, when she served as Component Technician she conducted quality controls for blood product processing and distribution. As a Donation Specialist, Kelly coordinated with hospitals and transplant teams, learned about renal perfusion, managed the medical supplies required for the donor operations, and maintained sterile techniques and procedures. Prior to UNYTS, Kelly spent a year in Orlando, Florida, as a Laboratory Aide at Endolab where she gathered, examined, and prepared pathology reports on specimens. Kelly graduated from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Kelly has volunteered since 2008 at the SPCA Wildlife Department. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys volleyball, hiking, cycling, and running.