Clinical Needs Identification Programs

Three-day, five-day, and two-week clinical needs identification programs are available. All programs accommodate up to eight (8) participants.

The objective of this program is to guide participant teams through the clinical needs identification stage of the Biodesign process so they emerge at the end of the program with clear, validated needs statements.

Program length is customizable and combines clinical immersion and feedback, roundtable discussions, and educational sessions. Attendees will interface with Jacobs Institute leadership and engineers, as well as a select group of clinical staff in their desired medical specialty. Experienced Jacobs Institute-affiliated coaches will work alongside the industry teams to provide guidance and redirection when necessary.

The program includes:

  • Physician-led didactic sessions
  • Team-coaching activities
  • Access to neurosurgeons, cardiologists and vascular specialists
  • Access to JI medical device engineers
  • Observation of catheterization labs and operating rooms

To reserve a program, please contact Pam Marcucci, Vice President, Programs at 716-888-4817.