Clinical Immersion Programs

Three-day and five-day clinical immersion programs are available. All programs accommodate up to eight (8) participants.

The multi-day, fully-customizable Clinical Immersion Program is aimed at industry engineers, sales representatives, and executives. All programs can be customized to suit employee backgrounds (education, familiarity with vascular medicine, employer development plan), field of industry, and focus area.


Each program can be tailored to industry training objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Clinical Immersion—Direct experience in the clinical environment in which medical devices are used
  • Clinical Understanding—Improved understanding of vascular diseases and treatment decisions
  • Team Building—Common experiences away from the office in a clinical setting
  • Employee Retention—More immediate understanding of the impact of medical devices on patient outcomes
  • Hands-On Learning—Additional familiarity with the performance of medical devices inside the body


Our Training Center accomplishes the above by providing:

  • Multi-disciplinary physician lectures and roundtables
  • In-person procedural observation for small groups
  • Internal broadcasting between clinical procedural areas and the JI Board Room and Training Center
  • Hands-on simulation activities


“This program provided a greater understanding and appreciation of the multi-disciplinary TAVR process. I know that this experience will help us add value to our respective TAVR teams.”–Field Clinical engineer from TAVR device manufacturer

“We got in three days what would have taken six months in a conventional course.”–Manager, Engineering Division, Endovascular neurosurgery device manufacturer

“We had a day in the life of a neurosurgeon.”–Manager, Engineering Division, Endovascular neurosurgery device manufacturer