Quality Manager




Laura Gunderson is Quality Manager at JI. In this role, she will ensure that the JI’s processes, services, and product designs meet client, industry, and regulatory requirements. These certifications provide quality assurance to JI’s clients, while fostering medical device innovation. Laura’s role directly supports the JI’s i2R, Idea to Reality Center, which accelerates the development of new technology to treat vascular diseases.

Prior to the JI, she served as Quality Engineer for Curbell Medical Products for four years. She also worked for Astrazeneca/Publicis Touchpoint Solutions as a Customer Service Associate and Baxter Healthcare as a Product Surveillance Analyst.  Laura received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University at Buffalo.

In addition to being an active member in various company sponsored community events, Laura has volunteered for the American Association of University Women: Tech Savvy Program, which promotes opportunities for young women in STEM fields.

Laura and her husband live in West Falls.  She enjoys spending time on the water, hiking with the family Golden Retriever, and training for her next long distance event.