Senior Program Manager




Karen is Senior Program Manager and biomedical engineer at the JI, responsible for facilitation of physician training and rapid product development using patient-specific vascular anatomic simulators and models created, using 3D printing technology and patient CT images.

Prior to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Rochester, Karen worked at JI as an intern with CUBRC. As an intern, Karen developed a strategy to purchase vascular device manufacturing and modification equipment for the JI’s i2R, or Idea to Reality Center, focused on advancing vascular medical device development. Karen also has prior research experience with gait and wheelchair transfer biomechanical motion analysis in addition to laparoscopic morcellation device technology.

Karen is a master’s candidate pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering, and specializing in 3D printing.

She was as a competitive swimmer throughout college and now enjoys seeking out new fitness challenges including long-distance cycling and running. Karen completed a half Ironman.